QEBR: A Global Technology Holding Company

Cryptocurrency Mining

QEBR is a technology holding company with subsidiaries around the world. We maintain holdings in companies based in the US, China, and Hong Kong and equity in several operating companies which focus on cryptocurrency mining as their principal businesses.

The Sky's The Limit

Filecoin and Crypto-Focused Growth

QEBR’s acquisitions include companies involved in the crypto-mining of Ethereum and Bitcoin. We are also looking at acquisitions for companies dealing in the upcoming Filecoin, which had the largest token sale for its time in 2017, collecting US$257 million.

Filecoin: Cryptocurrency-Incentivized Data Storage Network

A Visionary Team

QEBR’s management team includes forward-thinking and shareholder-focused officers who have been in Information Technology since 1986.

Our leaders include graduates from top international business and technology universities, including Stanford.

Filecoin's Investors

QEBR seeks to become a major global Filecoin mining farm when the highly-anticipated cryptocurrency becomes publicly operational.

Filecoins’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017 had major investors such as Sequoia Capital, Andreesen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Naval Ravikant, and Winklevoss Capital,

Staggering Growth Potential

Filecoin, developed by Protocol Labs (one of the world’s most credible crypto pioneers) is expected to launch in early 2020.  There are 3 million bitcoin farming machines around the world and zero filecoin machines — the opportunity for growth and markets share is immense.

A $1 trillion Market

IPFS, which is tied directly to Filecoin, is already worth over US$2.5 Billion.  IPFS was created to replace HTTP and could potentially be worth over US$100 Billion. By becoming a major Filecoin mining resource, QEBR could also potentially strongly benefit in the US$1 Trillion online storage market.

International Expansion

QEBR’s first Filecoin mining installation will potentially be in Hong Kong since we anticipate strong demand from Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. Rapid global geographic expansion of QEBR’s mining farms is anticipated after Filecoin becomes publicly operational.

Adaptability of Machines

Our anticipated Filecoin servers can be readily configured to also mine for other coins such as Lambda and XL without anticipated hardware changes.

Our highly-skilled IT team has the ability to quickly adapt to any configurations that arise before Filecoin’s public launch.

Right Skills, Right Time.

We are Seeking to be a Filecoin Pioneer

We believe that QEBR has the right mix of talent, timing, and opportunity to become a strong player in the upcoming field of Filecoin mining.  We’ve already honed our abilities in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lambda, and XL mining.  To learn more about QEBR’s skillset and opportunity, please click below:

QEBR Vendors

Filecoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Leadership

QEBR seeks to become a global leader in Filecoin and Crypto mining. To learn more, please peruse our website or contact us below:

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